Personally, I think this will hurt them in the long run. People don’t want to visit two different websites for their entertainment needs. Netflix has always been a one stop shop.

Not available on instant? Add it to the queue!

With the impending loss of Starz Play I think their streaming service will most likely suffer. But now I’m not sure which service will suffer more: DVDs with the split into Qwikster or the loss on content on Instant.

Which is what makes the split make perfect sense! If one service eventually dies off they can easily play it down on one site and not the entire service. However, I fear this change may expedite that process.

Me? I would have kept the sites together, increased the overall price a few dollars a month (perhaps $12 a month for DVD and streaming) and introduced an option to stream movies on demand (like Amazon or iTunes) but for a lower price, say $0.99 a movie, since you’re still paying a monthly fee. In the long run, this might decrease mailings but increase revenue. After all, our society thrives on instant gratification.

To boot, as a society we’ve already “verbed” Netflix in a sense. Saying, “Agh! I want to see that … I’ll have to Qwikster that” just don’t bode well with me.